The Establishment of I GET KOBE

1)Achievements of Education in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

The role of endoscopy has been growing these days not only for diagnosis but also for treatment. Endoscopy has drawn notice as a safe and non-invasive form of diagnosis and treatment. However, the technique has become more complex, and a system for learning technique efficiently is required. It is essential to develop more devices and to receive training to acquire techniques in medical situations. In order to achieve these two goals, we established Kobe Endoscopy Devices Development Education Center (KEDDEC) in 2006. We developed MR endoscopic devices and laser systems for endoscopic treatment and had ESD Hands-on Seminars for national doctors. We established the International Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Training Center in Kobe (I GET KOBE) in November 2010 to share the endoscopic diagnosis techniques and treatment we pioneered with the world and provided training for international gastroenterological endoscopists. We have held International Endoscopy Hands-on Seminars three times so far, and have trained 45 endoscopists from 16 countries to operate ESD and EUS-FNA with live pigs.

2)Medical Innovation in Kobe

The City of Kobe has developed the “Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster (KBIC)” on Port Island. The objective of this project is to establish an R&D hub of state-of-the-art biomedical technologies and industries, one of the growing industrial fields in the 21st century, through collaboration between industry, academia and government. The government also advocates Life Innovation as a new growth strategy to revive and strengthen Japan’s economy. Seven locations were selected as International Strategic Special Zones in December 2011 for innovation. “Kansai Innovation Comprehensive Special Zones” is one of them, for which Kyoto prefecture, the city of Kyoto, Osaka prefecture, the city of Osaka, and the city of Kobe applied. The development of gastrointestinal endoscopic devices which we pioneered is one of the biggest projects in the Kansai Special Zones. Six more places were selected as National Strategic Special Zones in May 2014. The Kansai region, including Kobe, as one of the Zones, is making an effort to establish a base for international innovation in health and medicine. It promotes R & D in cutting-edge medicine and medical devices for regenerative medicine and commercializes them. It also attempts to create a cosmopolitan city where people gather for doing business.


We had operated I GET KOBE on our own. In order to develop and continue international endoscopy training in Kobe, a cosmopolitan city which is one of the best places for medical innovation, we incorporated I GET KOBE. Skilled endoscopic doctors with a global point of view, and who are rich in ideas for innovation disseminate national and international cutting-edge endoscopy treatment to the world.

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